Monday, April 15, 2013

Globe Rewards!

Globe rewards subscriber with Globe 4438, Globe GIFT
Good news !
Globe rewards its subscribers with their Globe 4438, decoding the number on the texting keypad would equal to GIFT.

Active globe subscribers will be rewarded according to how much they spend load and how long had they have been a Globe active subscriber.

Globe subscribers are really very luck because the smart communications doesn't have the same thing for their subscribers. At least, Globe users has something to bank on for every time they spend load for their globe numbers.

Globe subscribers earn point for every load they make which has its corresponding gift for a wide range of items.

Globe gift rewards were categorized with Globe Products, Gadgets, Shopping, Philippine Airlines Miles and Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Globe rewards came with additional globe loads like their unlimited texts and call promos.

Globe offered gadgets can also be claimed like their Globe tattoo internet pen drive, nokia mobile phone products, cool appliances like portable dvds and LCD televisions, wanted gadgets like apple iPods, digital cameras, nintendo game consoles, gift cards from jollibee, sodeko and duty free. Airline tickets, both international and domestic flights from Philippine airlines. Ticket pass for movie theaters and carnivals.

So if you are using globe or touch mobile and even globe tattoo, something is in store for you.

Exciting isn't it ?

The best thing for this very generous promo is that it subscribers doesn't need to make any kind of subscriptions.

Globe calls this "Globe Loyalty Program".

For more information, text the keyword REWARDS and send it to 4438.

Here are the keywords that you can use for the My Globe, My Rewards 4438.

Text BAL to 4438 for free points inquiry

Text PIN 4DIGITPIN MIDDLE NAME to 4438 for free PIN activation

Text ITEMS to 4438 for free list of rewards

Text GIMME to 4438 for GIMME mechanics

Text VIP HELP to 4438 for VIP mechanics

Text DISCOUNTS to 4438 for free list of benefits

Text SHARE 10DIGITMOBILE# POINTS to 4438 for points transfer (P1/transfer)

Text REDEEM ITEM CODE to 4438 for free rewards redemption

Text STOP to 4438 for stopping all 4438 transactions

Just make sure to maintain 1 peso load in your account to send messages to 4438.

Here are the qualifications:

1. All active Globe Prepaid and Tattoo subscribers except Prepaid subscribers
under corporate accounts.
2. Affinity and OFW SIMS are also eligible to earn points.
3. AMAX Retailer SIMS are qualified but only reload made to their personal wallets are computed for points.
4. Membership to the program is free of charge.
5. LTP and LAP will enjoy prepaid points earning and redemption.
6. NO REGISTRATION is required.
7. For new prepaid subscribers, their membership shall be activated on their first reload transaction.

My Globe My Rewards Offers:

1. Reward - Subscribers earn points for every reload and redeem exciting items.
2. Discounts & Freebies – Enjoy exclusive perks from the country’s partner establishments.

Here are the reward categories and their corresponding keywords:

GLOBE = Globe Products
GADGETS = Gadgets
LIFESTYLE = Lifestyle and Entertainment

To view the items in each category , text ITEM and send to 4438.
For example: ITEM GADGETS send to 4438.

GLOBE PRODUCTS and their corresponding keywords and points:

IDDSuki 20 = IDD20 (20 pts.)
IDDSuki 30 = IDD30 (30 pts.)
Immortal Call = CALL15 (15 pts.)
UnliTxt20 = UNLI20 (20 pts.)
UnliTxt40 = UNLI40 (40 pts.)
UnliTxt80 = UNLI80 (80 pts.)
SuperUnli = SUPERUNLI (150 pts.)

To redeem these globe products, text REDEEM (if you registered a PIN) to 4438.
For example: REDEEM CALL15 0123.

GLOBE GADGETS and their corresponding keywords and points:

4GB USB = USB (600 pts.)
Nokia 2330 = N2330 (3175 pts.)
Nokia 2220 = N2220 (3375 pts.)
Nokia 5130 = N5130 (5200 pts.)
Devant Portable DVD = DVD (5950 pts.)
WOW Magic Sing Fiesta 2010 = WOW (6500 pts.)
iPod 4GB = IPOD (8150 pts.)
Canon Digital Camera A490 = CAM (8400 pts.)
Nintendo DSi = DS (10425 pts.)
19" LCD TV = TV (11125 pts.)

To redeem these gadgets, text REDEEM (if you registered a PIN) to 4438.
For example: REDEEM WOW 0123.

Philippine Airlines ticket Miles and their corresponding keywords and points:

Cebu = CEB (5875 pts.)
Kalibo = KAL (5875 pts.)
Puerto Princesa, Palawan = PPS (5875 pts.)
Hong Kong = HK (10900 pts.)
Macau = MCU (10900 pts.)
Bangkok = BKK (14500 pts)
Singapore = SNG (14500 pts.)
Tokyo = JPY (14500 pts.)
Melbourne/Sydney = AUS (28900 pts.)
San Francisco = SFO (43300 pts.)
Los Angeles = LAX (43300 pts.)

To redeem these free flight tickets, text REDEEM (if you registered a PIN) to 4438.
For example: REDEEM HK 0123.

GLOBE SHOPPING gift certificates and their corresponding keywords and points:

Jollibee GC P500 = JOLLIBEE (600 pts.)
Sodeko GC P500 = GC500 (600 pts.)
Sodeko GC P1000 = GC1000 (1125 pts.)
Sodeko GC P2000 = GC2000 (2125 pts.)
Sodeko GC P3000 = GC3000 (3150 pts.)
Sodeko GC P5000 = GC5000 (5150 pts.)
Duty Free GC USD100 = DUTY (5150 pts.)

To redeem, text REDEEM (if you registered a PIN) to 4438.
For example: REDEEM DUTY 0123.

LIFESTYLE (Lifestyle and Entertainment) Rewards and their corresponding keywords and points.

* Ayala Cinemas Passes for 4 = CINEMA (600 pts.)
* Avilon Zoo Passes for 4 = ZOO (900 pts.)
* Centerstage Passes = KTV (1025 pts.)
* Enchanted Kingdom Passes for 3 = EK (1325 pts.)
* Manila Ocean Park Passes for 4 = PARK (1525 pts.)

To redeem these gifts, text REDEEM (if you registered a PIN) to 4438.
For example: REDEEM CINEMA 0123.

Remember that Touch Mobile subscribers are also included on this promo.